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P.I.E. Classroom Connection

“Bridging the Gaps of Learning Between Home and School”

There’s a new and exciting way for parents to become active participants in their children’s learning experience! We call it “Classroom Connection.”

What does P.I.E. stand for?
Parents Invested in Education.

What is Classroom Connection?
Classroom Connection allows parents and teachers to work together within their child’s classrooms.

How will we help out?
The teachers will have various activities in their classroom that parents can help.

What is the purpose?
Increase parent support and help throughout the early education center.

Who benefits from the Classroom Connection?
Teachers will benefit from having extra special help Parents will benefit because they will learn the daily activities of the classroom and learn valuable information to try at home with their children. The children will benefit because the lessons learned in the classroom will continue at home

Do we get anything from this?
Yes! The satisfaction that helping out at your child(ren)’s school. Plus, the classroom that wins the connection of the month, will receive something special!

So how do I start participating?
Go to your child’s teacher and sign-up for volunteer time. You must spend at least 30 minutes within the classroom.

How do you track parent volunteer hours?
Please complete the volunteer form in the classroom.

P.I.E. meetings are held every second Tueday of the month.



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